Mastering Nihongo: How to Say ‘To Make’ in Japanese

Welcome to the first section of our article on mastering Nihongo! In this section, we will explore how to say “to make” in Japanese. As you continue your journey of learning the language, knowing this essential verb will help you communicate effectively. Let’s dive in and enhance your language skills by learning how to say to make in Japanese.

Translating “To Make” into Japanese

To express the concept of “to make” in Japanese, you can use the verb “作る” (tsukuru). This versatile word can be used in a variety of contexts and is key to expanding your vocabulary in Japanese.

Pronouncing “To Make” in Japanese

Learning how to pronounce Japanese words is essential in developing your language skills. The Japanese translation for “to make” is the verb “作る” (tsukuru), pronounced as “tsu-koo-roo.”

Pay special attention to the long “u” sound at the end of the word, which differentiates it from similar words. Practicing the correct pronunciation will help you communicate effectively in Japanese.

Tips for Proper Pronunciation

Japanese Word English Pronunciation
作る (tsukuru) tsu-koo-roo

When pronouncing “tsukuru,” make sure to emphasize the “tsu” sound at the beginning and elongate the “u” sound at the end. Listen to native Japanese speakers and practice your pronunciation until it sounds natural.

Now that you have learned how to pronounce “to make” in Japanese, continue reading to explore its Japanese equivalent and expand your vocabulary.

The Japanese Equivalent for “To Make”

In addition to “作る” (tsukuru), another word that can be used to mean “to make” in Japanese is “造る” (tsukuru). Both words have similar meanings and can be used interchangeably.

The Japanese Word for “To Make”

作る (tsukuru) is the most commonly used Japanese word for “to make.” It can be used in various contexts, ranging from creating something physical to making a decision.

The Japanese Term for “To Make”

造る (tsukuru) is another Japanese term that can be used to mean “to make.” This word is often used in the context of constructing or building something, such as a building or a bridge.

Expanding Your Vocabulary

In addition to the Japanese word “作る” (tsukuru), there are other vocabulary terms you can use to express the concept of “to make” in Japanese. By learning synonyms and related words, you can enrich your language skills and become more versatile in your communication.

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Japanese Equivalent for “To Make”

Another word that can be used interchangeably with “作る” (tsukuru) is “造る” (tsukuru). Both words have similar meanings and can be used in various contexts.

Japanese Word English Translation
作る to make
造る to make, to create

Learning these different words can help you express yourself more precisely and creatively in Japanese.

Related Words

There are a few other Japanese words that are related to “to make” and can be useful for expanding your vocabulary:

Japanese Word English Translation
創る to create, to produce
製造する to manufacture

By exploring different vocabulary words, you can enhance your language skills and improve your ability to communicate effectively in the Japanese language.

Putting “To Make” into Practice

Now that you have learned how to say “to make” in Japanese, it’s time to put it into practice. One way to do this is by using it in various sentence structures and scenarios. This will help you become more comfortable and fluent in expressing this concept.

If you want to say “I will make dinner tonight” in Japanese, you can say “今晩の夕飯を作ります” (konban no yuuhan wo tsukurimasu). Here, “作ります” (tsukurimasu) means “to make.”

To ask someone if they can make something for you in Japanese, you can say “作ってくれませんか” (tsukutte kuremasen ka). This phrase translates to “Can you make it for me?”

When expressing the idea of making something at a certain place, you can use the word “作る” (tsukuru) with the particle “で” (de), meaning “at.” For example, “ラーメンを家で作る” (raamen wo ie de tsukuru) means “to make ramen at home.”

Try these practice exercises:

English Japanese
I made a cake yesterday 昨日、ケーキを作りました
Can you make sushi? 寿司を作ってくれますか
We are going to make a pizza tonight 今晩はピザを作るつもりです

Common Phrases and Examples

Now that you know how to say “to make” in Japanese, let’s look at some common phrases and examples using this verb:

English Japanese Transliteration
I will make dinner. 晩ご飯を作ります。 Bangohan o tsukurimasu.
Can you make this for me? これを作ってくれますか? Kore o tsukutte kuremasu ka?
He makes his own clothes. 彼は自分で服を作ります。 Kare wa jibun de fuku o tsukurimasu.

With these examples, you can see how “作る” (tsukuru) can be used in different contexts and with different subjects. Remember to also explore other words that convey the meaning of “to make,” like “造る” (tsukuru), “創る” (tsukuru), and “製造する” (seizou suru), to further expand your vocabulary.

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Take Your Language Skills to the Next Level

Congratulations on mastering the Japanese translation for “to make” and expanding your vocabulary! Your continued effort to improve your language skills will help you communicate more effectively in Japanese.

If you want to express “to make” in Japanese in a more specific context, you can use related verbs like “創る” (tsukuru) and “製造する” (seizou suru). These words will help you convey a more nuanced meaning of “to make” in Japanese.

Remember that language learning is an ongoing journey. Continue to practice using these verbs in different contexts and scenarios to deepen your understanding of their usage. You can also explore other essential verbs and expressions in Japanese to expand your language skills even further.

Knowing how to express “to make” in Japanese is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can achieve in your language learning journey. Keep pushing yourself to new levels and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!


Q: How do I say “to make” in Japanese?

A: The word for “to make” in Japanese is “作る” (tsukuru).

Q: How do I pronounce “作る” (tsukuru)?

A: “作る” (tsukuru) is pronounced as “tsu-koo-roo” in Japanese.

Q: Are there any other Japanese words that can be used to mean “to make”?

A: Yes, besides “作る” (tsukuru), another word that can be used is “造る” (tsukuru).

Q: How can I expand my vocabulary in Japanese?

A: You can explore other words like “創る” (tsukuru) and “製造する” (seizou suru) that also convey the meaning of “to make.”

Q: How can I practice using “to make” in Japanese?

A: Try using it in various sentences and scenarios to become more comfortable and fluent in expressing this concept.

Q: Can you provide common phrases and examples using “to make” in Japanese?

A: Yes, we have compiled a list of common phrases and examples to help you strengthen your language skills.

Q: What should I do after learning how to say “to make” in Japanese?

A: Congratulations! Take your language skills to the next level by expanding your vocabulary and exploring other essential verbs and expressions in Japanese.

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