Mastering Japanese: How to Say Phone in Japanese Simplified

If you’re learning Japanese and want to expand your vocabulary, knowing how to say phone in Japanese is a great place to start. In this section, you’ll learn the Japanese word for phone, its translation, and various ways to say phone in conversational Japanese. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to confidently communicate about phones in Japanese and expand your vocabulary.

Are you ready to learn how to say phone in Japanese? Let’s get started!

Understanding the Japanese Word for Phone

In Japanese, the primary word for phone is “denwa”. This word consists of two kanji characters, “den” meaning “electricity” or “transmit,” and “wa” meaning “talk” or “speak.” Together, “denwa” means “electric talk” or “transmit speech.”

The pronunciation of “denwa” is fairly straightforward, with the “de” sounding similar to the English word “day” and the “nwa” sounding like “n-wah.” Some Japanese speakers may shorten “denwa” to “den” in casual conversation, similar to how “phone” can be shortened to “fone” in English.

Understanding the Kanji Characters

Kanji characters are an important aspect of the Japanese language, and they play a significant role in forming words. In the case of “denwa,” the first kanji character “den” represents the concept of electricity or transmission. This character is often used in words relating to communication, such as “denshi” (electricity) and “densha” (train).

The second kanji character “wa” represents the concept of speech or talk. This character is also used in words relating to communication, such as “wakaru” (to understand) and “hanasu” (to speak).

Understanding the meanings of kanji characters can help you better grasp the meaning and usage of Japanese words.

Saying Phone in Japanese: Common Translations

Now that you know the primary Japanese word for phone, let’s explore some common translations. The most straightforward way to say “phone” in Japanese is “電話” (denwa). This word can be used in nearly every context, so it’s a good one to remember.

However, there are also a few other common translations you may come across:

Japanese Translation
携帯電話 Keitai denwa
スマートフォン Sumato fon

“携帯電話” (keitai denwa) specifically refers to a mobile phone, while “スマートフォン” (sumato fon) refers to a smartphone. These terms are more specific and can be used when necessary.

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Remember that in Japanese, the subject of the sentence is often left out if it’s clear from the context. So, for example, instead of saying “I need to use the phone,” you can simply say “電話を使います” (denwa wo tsukaimasu) which means “use the phone.”

Practice using these common translations to say phone in Japanese in different situations to become more comfortable with them.

Conversational Phrases with Phone in Japanese

Learning how to say phone in Japanese is a great way to enhance your conversation skills. Here are some commonly used phrases involving phone that will come in handy when communicating in Japanese:

Phrase Japanese Pronunciation
What is your phone number? 電話番号は何ですか? “Denwa bangō wa nan desu ka?”
Can I have your phone number? 電話番号を教えていただけますか? “Denwa bangō wo oshiete itadakemasu ka?”
I lost my phone 私は携帯電話をなくしました。 “Watashi wa keitai denwa wo nakushimashita.”
My phone battery is dead 私の携帯電話のバッテリーが切れています。 “Watashi no keitai denwa no batterī ga kirete imasu.”
I will call you later 後であなたに電話します。 “Ato de anata ni denwa shimasu.”

By using these phrases, you can easily discuss phone-related topics with native Japanese speakers. Additionally, incorporating phone-related vocabulary into your everyday conversations will help you remember and reinforce your Japanese language skills. Continue building your phone vocab in Japanese to improve your overall language proficiency and enrich your communication abilities.

Phonetic Adaptation of Phone in Japanese

The English word “phone” has been phonetically adapted to fit the Japanese language. In Japanese, the word is pronounced “denwa”, which is written as “電話” in kanji characters.

“Denwa” is a compound word consisting of “den” and “wa”. “Den” means “electricity”, while “wa” denotes “talk” or “speak”. Together, “denwa” means “electric talk” or “electric speak”.

Interestingly, some Japanese people also use the English word “phone” when speaking or writing in Japanese. The pronunciation is slightly different, with the emphasis on the first syllable, making it sound like “fo-nay”. This pronunciation is commonly used by younger generations and those who are familiar with English.

Overall, understanding the phonetic adaptation of “phone” in Japanese can be useful in becoming more proficient in conversational Japanese and expanding your vocabulary.

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Enhancing Your Japanese Vocabulary with Phone

Expanding your vocabulary is essential when studying a language, and learning phone-related terms in Japanese can be particularly helpful in daily life. Here are some useful phone vocab in Japanese to add to your repertoire:

Keitai Denwa

The Japanese term for a mobile phone is keitai denwa, which literally translates to “portable telephone.” This is the most commonly used term for a cellphone in Japanese.

Denwa Bangou

Denwa bangou means “telephone number.” This phrase is useful when you need to ask for someone’s phone number or give your own.


In Japanese, “to dial” is denwa wo kakeru. This is a useful phrase when you need to make a phone call from a landline.

Moshi Moshi

When answering the phone in Japanese, it is customary to say “moshi moshi.” This can be translated as “hello” or “hi.”


Meru is the Japanese word for “mail” or “email.” This term is commonly used when referring to messages sent via mobile phones or computers.


Jishin means “earthquake” in Japanese. This word is particularly important to know when living in Japan, as earthquakes are a common occurrence and many mobile phone applications and services are designed to alert users during seismic activity.

Learning phone-related vocabulary in Japanese will not only help you communicate more effectively but also provide insight into Japanese culture and daily life. Keep practicing and expanding your vocabulary, and you will soon be speaking Japanese like a pro!


Q: How do you say phone in Japanese?

A: The word for phone in Japanese is “denwa” (でんわ).

Q: Are there any other ways to say phone in Japanese?

A: Yes, besides “denwa,” you can also use the word “keitai” (けいたい) to refer to a mobile phone.

Q: How do I ask for someone’s phone number in Japanese?

A: To ask for someone’s phone number, you can say “Denwa bango o kikitai desu. Onegaishimasu” (電話番号を聞きたいです。お願いします), which means “I would like to ask for your phone number, please.”

Q: How do I talk about making a phone call in Japanese?

A: To discuss making a phone call, you can say “Denwa o shimasu” (電話をします), which means “I will make a phone call.”

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