Learn How to Say Fly in Japanese – Easy Language Guide

Do you want to learn how to say “fly” in Japanese? Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced learner, expressing this concept in a foreign language can be challenging. But don’t worry, our comprehensive guide will help you master this word in no time.

In this section, we will explore different ways to say “fly” in Japanese and provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to express this word in the Japanese language. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to confidently use “fly” in your Japanese conversations and enhance your language skills.

So, let’s get started! Below, we’ll cover the most common Japanese word for “fly,” alternative expressions to convey the meaning of “fly,” how to pronounce the word correctly, and tips to improve your language skills using this word.

With our easy language guide, you’ll be able to master the Japanese word for “fly” and expand your vocabulary. Get ready to learn how to say fly in Japanese!

Common Word for Fly in Japanese

If you’re wondering how to say fly in Japanese, the most common Japanese word for it is “tobu” (飛ぶ). It is a verb that means “to fly” or “to jump.” This word is used in various contexts, such as talking about birds flying in the sky or jumping into a pool.

When using “tobu,” it’s important to remember that Japanese verbs are often conjugated depending on the tense and formality of the sentence. For instance, if you want to say “I fly,” you would say “watashi wa tobu” (私は飛ぶ). However, if you want to convey a more polite tone, you can say “watashi wa tobitai desu” (私は飛びたいです), which means “I want to fly.”

Alternative Expressions for Fly in Japanese

Aside from the common Japanese word for “fly,” there are several other expressions and terms that can be used to convey the concept of flying in Japanese. By learning these variations, you can effectively communicate different nuances and contexts related to flying.

Tobu (とぶ)

Japanese Term Meaning
Tobu (とぶ) To fly

“Tobu” is a versatile term that can be used in various situations and contexts to express the concept of flying. This term can apply to birds, insects, and even objects that are airborne, such as airplanes.

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Hikou suru (飛行する)

Japanese Term Meaning
Hikou suru (飛行する) To fly (technical term)

“Hikou suru” is a more technical term used in aviation and flying machines. This term can apply to different modes of flight, such as planes, helicopters, and even spacecraft.

Tonneru (とんねる)

Japanese Term Meaning
Tonneru (とんねる) To soar

“Tonneru” is a term that refers to the motion of soaring or gliding through the air, as opposed to flapping or hovering. This term can be used to describe the flight of birds, gliders, or even kites.

By expanding your vocabulary with these alternative expressions for “fly” in Japanese, you can better express the concept of flying in different situations and conversations.

Pronunciation and Phonetics of Fly in Japanese

Learning how to pronounce the Japanese word for “fly” correctly is essential to effectively communicate in the language. The Japanese term for “fly” is “tobu” (飛ぶ).

The pronunciation of “tobu” in Japanese is quite simple. The “to” is pronounced as “toe” and the “bu” is pronounced as “boo”. The emphasis is on the second syllable, so it is pronounced as “toh-boo”.

It is important to note that the “u” sound at the end of “tobu” is not emphasized or elongated. In fact, the “u” sound is very short and soft, almost like a slight exhaling after saying “boo”.

When speaking Japanese, pay attention to the intonation of words, as it can greatly affect the meaning of the word. In the case of “tobu”, it should be pronounced with a rising intonation, starting mid-pitch and gradually rising to a higher pitch.

Practice saying “tobu” out loud until you feel comfortable with the pronounciation and intonation. You can also listen to native Japanese speakers pronounce the word to further improve your understanding of its phonetics.

Enhance Your Language Skills with Fly in Japanese

Now that you have learned how to express “fly” in Japanese, it’s time to enhance your language skills further. Incorporating this word in your daily conversations and practice sessions can help you improve your fluency.

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Practice Conversations

Start incorporating the word “fly” in your conversations with native Japanese speakers. Practice asking questions such as “can you fly?” or “have you ever flown before?” This will help you become more comfortable using the word and improve your overall Japanese language skills.

Expand Your Vocabulary

Learning new words and phrases related to “fly” can expand your Japanese vocabulary and help you become a more fluent speaker. Look up words related to “fly” such as “airplane,” “airport,” or “pilot” and incorporate them into your daily practice.

Watch Japanese Media

Watching Japanese movies or TV shows related to aviation or travel can help you learn new vocabulary and become more familiar with the context in which “fly” is used. You can also watch Japanese news or documentaries to learn more about aviation in Japan.

By following these tips and incorporating the word “fly” into your language learning journey, you can enhance your Japanese language skills and become a more confident speaker.


Q: How do you say “fly” in Japanese?

A: The most common word for “fly” in Japanese is “tobu” (飛ぶ). It is pronounced as “toh-buh” with a long vowel sound in the first syllable.

Q: Are there any alternative expressions for “fly” in Japanese?

A: Yes, apart from “tobu,” you can also use other expressions such as “hikou suru” (飛行する) which means “to fly” or “kouya suru” (航矢する) which means “to take flight.”

Q: How do you pronounce “tobu”?

A: The correct pronunciation of “tobu” is “toh-buh.” It is important to emphasize the long vowel sound in the first syllable and maintain a clear and crisp pronunciation of the consonants.

Q: How can I enhance my language skills using the word “fly” in Japanese?

A: To enhance your language skills, you can practice using the word “fly” in different contexts, engage in conversations with native Japanese speakers, and expand your vocabulary related to flying and aviation. Additionally, utilizing language learning resources such as online courses, textbooks, and language exchange programs can be valuable in further developing your Japanese language skills.

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