Learn “How to Say Coffee Shop in Japanese” Today

If you’re a coffee lover planning a trip to Japan or simply want to impress your Japanese friends with your language skills, it’s essential to know how to say coffee shop in Japanese. In this section, we will explore the different ways you can say “coffee shop” in Japanese, including the most common translations and the appropriate Japanese words for different types of coffee-related establishments.

Not only will learning how to say coffee shop in Japanese make you feel confident in your linguistic abilities, but it will also open up opportunities to have meaningful conversations with native Japanese speakers about your mutual love for coffee. So, let’s dive in and learn how to say coffee shop in Japanese!

Whether you’re looking for the most accurate coffee shop in Japanese translation or simply want to expand your Japanese vocabulary, you’ll find everything you need in this article.

Translations for Coffee Shop in Japanese

Now that you understand the importance of knowing how to say “coffee shop” in Japanese, let’s dive into the different translations.

Japanese Word/Phrase Translation
珈琲店 (Kōhī-ten) Coffee shop
喫茶店 (Kissa-ten) Coffee shop/cafe
コーヒーショップ (Kōhī shoppu) Coffee shop
カフェ (Kafe) Cafe

The most common translation for “coffee shop” in Japanese is 珈琲店 (Kōhī-ten). However, 喫茶店 (Kissa-ten) is also commonly used and can refer to both coffee shops and cafes.

Additionally, コーヒーショップ (Kōhī shoppu) is a loanword from English and means “coffee shop.” If you want to specifically refer to a cafe, the Japanese word for that is カフェ (Kafe).

Now that you know these important translations, you can confidently order your favorite coffee in Japanese and impress your friends with your knowledge of coffee-related establishments.

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The Japanese Word for Cafe

When it comes to coffee-related establishments, “cafe” is a popular term used in English. However, in Japanese, the word used to refer to a cafe is slightly different. The Japanese word for cafe is “kissa-ten.”

“Kissa-ten” consists of two parts: “kissa,” which means “coffee shop” or “tea room,” and “ten,” which means “store.” Together, they form the word “kissa-ten,” which translates to “coffee shop store.”

In conversation, “kissa-ten” is commonly used to refer to a cafe. For example, if you want to suggest meeting at a cafe, you can say “kissa-ten de aimashou,” which means “let’s meet at a cafe.”

It’s important to note that while “cafe” and “kissa-ten” are often used interchangeably in English, there are slight differences in connotation between the two. “Kissa-ten” tends to imply a more traditional, cozy atmosphere, while “cafe” can encompass a wider range of settings.

Now that you know how to say “cafe” in Japanese, you can confidently engage in discussions about coffee-related establishments with native Japanese speakers.

Coffee House in Japanese

When referring to a coffee house in Japanese, the term used is “珈琲館” (kohi kan). This term carries a slightly different connotation compared to a regular coffee shop or cafe. A coffee house is typically a more upscale establishment that serves a greater variety of coffee, often with a focus on specialty or gourmet blends.

In addition to coffee, a coffee house may also offer light meals or desserts, and may have a more sophisticated atmosphere. Knowing the appropriate Japanese term for a coffee house can help you effectively communicate this distinction.

Coffee Store in Japanese

Now that you’ve learned how to say “coffee shop” and “cafe” in Japanese, let’s explore the Japanese word for “coffee store.”

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The Japanese word for “coffee store” is “珈琲店” (kōhī ten). This phrase can be broken down into two parts: “珈琲” (kōhī), which means “coffee,” and “店” (ten), which means “store.”

The term “kōhī ten” is commonly used in Japan to refer to specialty coffee shops that focus on selling high-quality coffee beans and brewing equipment. These stores often have a more relaxed and upscale atmosphere compared to a typical coffee shop or cafe.

As with the other Japanese words we’ve covered, it’s important to use the appropriate term when referring to a coffee store in Japan. Knowing the differences between “coffee shop,” “cafe,” and “coffee store” can help you communicate more effectively and avoid any confusion in conversations about coffee-related establishments.

Summing it Up

Japanese has its own unique words and phrases for referring to coffee shops, cafes, coffee houses, and coffee stores. By understanding the subtle differences between these terms, you can enhance your ability to engage in conversations about coffee and connect with Japanese speakers on a cultural level.


Q: How do you say “coffee shop” in Japanese?

A: The common translation for “coffee shop” in Japanese is “kissaten” (喫茶店).

Q: What is the Japanese word for “cafe”?

A: The Japanese word for “cafe” is also “kissaten” (喫茶店). This term is used interchangeably with “coffee shop” in Japanese.

Q: How do you say “coffee house” in Japanese?

A: To refer to a “coffee house” in Japanese, you can use the word “ko-hi-hausu” (コーヒーハウス).

Q: What is the Japanese word for “coffee store”?

A: The Japanese word for “coffee store” is “ko-hi-ten” (コーヒー店). This term is used specifically for establishments that primarily sell coffee-related products.

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