Mastering ‘By’: Learn How to say By in Japanese Easily

If you are learning Japanese, understanding how to say “By” is essential for effective communication. The Japanese language offers various translations for “By” depending on the context. Mastering this translation can help you express yourself more clearly and accurately. In this section, we will introduce you to the importance of learning how to say “By” in Japanese and how it can improve your language skills.

Understanding the Concept of “By” in Japanese

Before we dive into the Japanese equivalent of “By,” let’s first understand its meaning and context in English. In English, “By” is a preposition that is commonly used to indicate the means or method of achieving something. For example, “I traveled to Europe by plane” implies that the speaker used a plane to travel to Europe.

The Japanese language has several ways to express “By” depending on the context and the specific usage. For instance, the word “ni” is often used to denote the means or method of doing something, which is similar to the English usage of “By.”

Another word that can be used in Japanese to express the idea of “By” is “de.” This word can be used to indicate the method or means of achieving something. For example, “I studied Japanese by speaking with native speakers” can be translated to “Nihonjin to hanashite benkyo shimashita.”

Understanding the Different Connotations of “By” in Japanese

It is essential to note that the Japanese language has several nuances that are not present in English. Therefore, the context and situation are critical when translating “By” into Japanese. For example, “By” can also mean “before” in English, but there is a different word in Japanese, which is “mae ni”.

Moreover, the word “by” can be used to indicate the agent or the doer of an action in English, such as “the book was written by the author.” In Japanese, this usage can be translated as “shosha ni yotte kakareru hon.”

Thus, it is essential to understand these nuances and use the appropriate Japanese translation of “By” in the right context to avoid miscommunication and confusion.

Translating “By” into Japanese: Common Phrases and Expressions

Now that you have a basic understanding of the concept of “By” in Japanese, it’s time to delve deeper into practical phrases and expressions that can be used in conversation. Here are some commonly used translations for “By” in Japanese:

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English Japanese Pronunciation
By train 電車で densha de
By car 車で kuruma de
By airplane 飛行機で hikouki de
By foot 徒歩で toho de
By phone 電話で denwa de

To express “By” in a sentence, simply use these phrases in combination with the destination or action you are referring to. For example:

“I go to work by train” would be “watashi wa densha de shigoto ni ikimasu” in Japanese.

It’s important to note that the particle “で” (pronounced “de”) is used after the transportation method to indicate the means of traveling. This particle can also be used in other contexts to indicate the location of an action. For example, “I eat sushi at the restaurant” would be “watashi wa resutoran de sushi wo tabemasu”.

Using these phrases in your everyday conversations will help you to communicate more effectively and accurately convey the intended meaning.

Pronunciation of “By” in Japanese

Once you have familiarized yourself with the meaning and context of “By” in Japanese, it’s time to focus on pronunciation. Accurate pronunciation is essential to ensure that your message is conveyed correctly.

In Japanese, “By” is translated as 「バイ」(bai). To pronounce it correctly, first, say the sound “bah” and then add the sound “ee” to make it sound like “bahee.” It’s essential to keep the sound short and not stretch it out, so it’s important to practice speaking it aloud.

English Japanese Pronunciation
By car 車で kuruma de bai
By bus バスで basu de bai
By train 電車で densha de bai

It’s always a good idea to listen to native speakers to get a better sense of the correct pronunciation. By practicing regularly, you’ll soon master saying “By” in Japanese with fluency.

Further Resources for Learning “By” in Japanese

Learning a new language can be challenging, but with the right resources, you can achieve proficiency in no time. Here are some recommended resources to help you learn how to say “By” in Japanese:

Resource Description
Online Japanese language courses There are many online courses that offer comprehensive Japanese language lessons. These courses usually include reading, writing, listening, and speaking components that can help you learn how to say “By” in Japanese and other phrases as well.
Language exchange platforms Language exchange platforms like iTalki and HelloTalk allow you to connect with native Japanese speakers who are learning English. You can practice speaking with them, get feedback, and ask questions about how to say “By” in Japanese.
Japanese language reference materials There are a plethora of Japanese language reference materials available, including dictionaries, textbooks, and workbooks. These resources can help you learn how to say “By” in Japanese and other words and phrases as well.
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Remember, the key to mastering a new language is practice, so make sure to incorporate the translations for “By” in your Japanese conversations. With dedication and consistent effort, you’ll be speaking Japanese fluently in no time!

Enhance Your Language Skills Today!

Congratulations! You have learned how to say “By” in Japanese and have gained an understanding of its meaning and context. You have also discovered various practical phrases and expressions to convey “By” accurately in Japanese and have learned how to pronounce it correctly.

Remember, the key to mastering a language is practice and exposure. By incorporating these translations into your daily conversations, you will enhance your language skills and become more confident in your ability to communicate effectively in Japanese.

Don’t stop here! There are various online courses, language exchange platforms, and reference materials available that can assist you in further improving your Japanese language skills. Keep exploring and learning, and soon, speaking Japanese will become second nature to you!

Ready to Continue Your Language Learning Journey?

Now that you have mastered “By” in Japanese, why not explore other Japanese translations and expand your vocabulary? Keep up the good work, and soon, you will be fluent in no time!


Q: How do you say “By” in Japanese?

A: The Japanese translation for “By” is “によって” (ni yotte).

Q: How can I express “By” in Japanese?

A: You can use the phrase “によって” (ni yotte) to express “By” in Japanese.

Q: What is the Japanese word for “By”?

A: The Japanese word for “By” is “による” (ni yoru).

Q: How should I pronounce “By” in Japanese?

A: The pronunciation of “By” in Japanese is “nee yotte”.

Q: Are there any resources to help me learn how to say “By” in Japanese?

A: Yes, there are several resources available, such as online courses, language exchange platforms, and reference materials, that can help you improve your understanding of how to say “By” in Japanese.

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