Learn “How to Say Artist in Japanese” – Your Simple Guide

If you’re an art enthusiast traveling to Japan, knowing how to say artist in Japanese can undoubtedly enhance your cultural experience. Even if you’re not a traveler, learning essential Japanese phrases can be an enriching experience that opens up new opportunities. In this article, we will guide you through the Japanese word for artist, its pronunciation, and its cultural significance. So, let’s get started on your journey to discover how to say artist in Japanese!

The Japanese word for artist is written as “geijutsuka” (芸術家) when using the characters or kanji script. However, the word “gei” (芸) meaning “art,” “jutsu” (術) meaning “technique,” and “ka” (家) meaning “person” or “professional” are commonly used to represent an artist in Japanese.

Understanding the Japanese Word for Artist

If you want to know how to say artist in Japanese, it is important to understand the Japanese word for artist. In the Japanese language, the word for artist is represented by the combination of three characters.

The first character is “gei” (芸), which means “art.” The second character is “jutsu” (術), which means “technique.” The third character is “ka” (家), which means “person” or “professional.” When these three characters are combined, they form the Japanese word that represents an artist.

So, when you want to talk about an artist in Japanese, you can use the word “geijutsuka” (芸術家) or “geinojin” (芸能人), which means “person in the arts.”

Understanding the Japanese Word for Artist

As mentioned earlier, the Japanese word for artist is a combination of three characters: “gei” (芸), “jutsu” (術), and “ka” (家). Each character has a specific meaning and can stand alone as a word.

Character Meaning
“Gei” (芸) Art
“Jutsu” (術) Technique
“Ka” (家) Person/professional

When combined, these characters form the word that represents an artist in the Japanese language. It is important to note that the Japanese language has many words for different types of artists, depending on their field of expertise.

For example, a painter in Japanese is called “gaikokujin-ga” (外国人画), where “ga” (画) means “painting,” and “gaikokujin” (外国人) means “foreigner.” A musician in Japanese is called “ongakuka” (音楽家), where “on” (音) means “sound,” and “gakuka” (楽家) means “musician.”

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Pronunciation of Artist in Japanese

Now that you know the Japanese word for artist, it’s time to learn how to pronounce it correctly. The word for artist in Japanese is pronounced as “geijutsuka.” It is a combination of three different Japanese characters – “gei,” “jutsu,” and “ka.”

The first character “gei” (芸) means “art.” The second character “jutsu” (術) means “technique,” which emphasizes the technical skills and expertise required for an artist. The third character “ka” (家) means “person” or “professional,” which emphasizes the fact that being an artist is a profession in Japan.

When pronounced together, the stress falls on the second syllable, “jutsu.” So the correct pronunciation is “gei-JUT-su-ka.” Make sure to add emphasis on the “JUT” sound to ensure proper pronunciation.

As with any language, practice is key to perfecting your pronunciation. Try saying the word out loud a few times to get used to the sound and intonation. You can also listen to audio recordings or ask a Japanese speaker to help you improve your pronunciation.

Alternate Words for Artist in Japanese

While the term “geijutsuka” is the most common Japanese word for artist, there are other words that you might encounter depending on the context. Here are some of them:

Word Meaning
Geinin Entertainer, comedian
Kaiga-ka Painter
Shibaijin Theater actor
Mangaka Manga artist

It’s worth noting that these terms are more specific than “geijutsuka” and are often used to describe artists in certain fields or mediums. For example, “kaiga-ka” is used specifically for painters, while “mangaka” refers to manga artists.

Cultural Significance and Appreciation of Artists in Japan

In Japan, artists hold a special place in society and are highly respected for their talent and dedication to their craft. The Japanese word for artist is “geijutsuka” (芸術家), which combines the characters for “art” and “person” to convey the idea of someone who creates art as a way of life.

Throughout Japanese history, art has been a deeply ingrained part of the culture, from traditional forms like calligraphy and ukiyo-e prints to modern mediums like anime and manga. Artists have played an important role in preserving and shaping this cultural heritage, often receiving government support and recognition.

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The appreciation of art is also reflected in everyday life in Japan, from the beautiful gardens and architecture to the attention to detail in food presentation and packaging design. This emphasis on aesthetics and craftsmanship has influenced Japanese art and design across various fields, including fashion, technology, and architecture.

Overall, the Japanese people hold a deep appreciation and respect for artists and their contributions to society, and this is reflected in the language and culture of the country. If you’re interested in learning more about art and culture in Japan, there are many museums, galleries, and events that celebrate the work of artists both past and present.


Congratulations, now you know how to say artist in Japanese! The Japanese word for artist is “geijutsuka” (芸術家), which is a combination of the characters “gei” (芸) meaning “art,” “jutsu” (術) meaning “technique,” and “ka” (家) meaning “person” or “professional.”

When pronouncing “geijutsuka,” remember to place emphasis on the “gei” syllable. It’s important to note that there are also alternate words for artist in Japanese, such as “bijutsu-ka” (美術家), which specifically refers to a visual artist.

In Japan, artists hold a significant cultural importance and are celebrated for their contributions to society. Now when engaging with Japanese culture, you’ll be able to recognize and appreciate the hardworking artists in their society.

We hope this simple guide has been helpful in expanding your knowledge of the Japanese language and culture. Keep exploring and learning new things!


Q: What is the Japanese word for artist?

A: The Japanese word for artist is “geijutsuka” (芸術家).

Q: How do you pronounce “geijutsuka”?

A: The pronunciation of “geijutsuka” is “gei-jutsu-ka”.

Q: Can you provide alternate words for artist in Japanese?

A: Yes, besides “geijutsuka,” other words for artist include “bijutsuka” (美術家), “geinin” (芸人), and “geikōsha” (芸工者).

Q: What is the cultural significance and appreciation of artists in Japan?

A: Artists hold a significant place in Japanese culture, with their work being highly appreciated and respected. They contribute to various art forms, including traditional Japanese arts, such as calligraphy, painting, and pottery, as well as modern art, music, and performing arts.

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