Uncover How to Say Airport in Japanese: A Simple Guide

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, it’s essential to learn some basic Japanese phrases to communicate effectively with locals. Among the crucial terms to know is how to say “airport” in Japanese. Being able to ask for directions, check-in for your flight, or convey important information to airport staff is crucial for any traveler.

In this article, you’ll learn the Japanese word for airport, how to translate it into different contexts, and some common airport terminology in Japanese. By the end of the article, you’ll be equipped with the necessary vocabulary to navigate airports with ease during your Japan trip.

So, whether you’re a frequent traveler or embarking on your first trip to Japan, let’s dive in and explore the different ways to say “airport” in Japanese.

Read on to discover how to say airport in Japanese, the Japanese word for airport, airport translation in Japanese, and saying “airport” in Japanese!

The Japanese Word for Airport

If you’re traveling to Japan, it’s essential to know how to say “airport” in Japanese. The Japanese word for airport is “空港” (kūkō), which is written with two kanji characters. The first character means “sky” or “air,” while the second character means “port” or “harbor.”

When pronounced, “空港” (kūkō) sounds like “koo-koh,” with a stressed emphasis on the first syllable. Note that the pronunciation for “kū” is different from the pronunciation of “ku,” which means “nine” in Japanese.

The word “空港” (kūkō) is commonly used to refer to airports in Japan, so it’s a crucial term to know if you plan on visiting the country.

Translating “Airport” in Japanese

Learning how to translate “airport” in Japanese is an essential part of mastering the language for travelers. There are several translations for this word depending on the context in which it is used. Here are some of the most common ways to say “airport” in Japanese:

English Translation Japanese Translation Pronunciation
Airport 空港 kūkō
Airport Terminal 空港ターミナル kūkō tāminaru
Airport Lounge 空港ラウンジ kūkō raunji
Airport Shuttle 空港シャトル kūkō shatoru

The most commonly used translation for “airport” in Japanese is 空港 (kūkō), which can also be used to refer to the concept of an airport. If you want to specify the particular part of the airport, you can add a word after “kūkō.”

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It’s important to note that Japanese uses loanwords from English for many words, including “airport.” As a result, you may hear English words being used in Japanese without any translation. However, it’s still valuable to know the Japanese translations for these words, especially when communicating with locals.

Overall, having a strong understanding of the different translations for “airport” in Japanese will help you communicate effectively and navigate airports confidently during your travels in Japan.

Understanding Airport Terminology in Japanese

When traveling to Japan, it’s useful to familiarize yourself with airport terminology in Japanese. This can help you navigate the airport and communicate with airport staff.

Japanese Airport Term

The main airport term in Japanese is 空港 (kūkō). It is pronounced “koo-koh” and consists of two characters: 空 (kuu) meaning “sky” and 港 (kou) meaning “port.” Together, the characters form “air port” or “kūkō.”

Japanese Word for Airport Terminal

The Japanese word for “airport terminal” is 空港ターミナル (kūkō tāminaru). It is pronounced “koo-koh tah-mee-nah-roo” and combines the word for “airport” (空港) with the English word “terminal.”

Japanese English Translation
チェックイン check-in
保安検査 security check
手荷物検査 carry-on baggage check
出国審査 immigration check
到着 arrival

Other useful airport terms in Japanese include チェックイン (chekkuin) for “check-in,” 保安検査 (hoankan kensa) for “security check,” 手荷物検査 (tenimotsu kensa) for “carry-on baggage check,” and 出国審査 (shukkoku shinsa) for “immigration check.” The term for “arrival” is 到着 (touchaku).

Putting it All Together: Practical Examples

Now that you’ve learned the Japanese word for airport and some airport-related terminology, it’s time to put it all together. Here are some practical examples to help you apply your knowledge:

Example 1: Arriving at the Airport

You arrive at the airport and need to find your way to the check-in area. You can ask:

どこがチェックインですか? (Doko ga chekkuin desu ka?)

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This translates to “Where is the check-in area?” Remember to bow slightly when asking for directions and use a polite tone.

Example 2: Security Checkpoint

You have passed the check-in and need to go through the security checkpoint. You can ask:

セキュリティーチェックはどこですか? (Secyuritii chekku wa doko desu ka?)

This translates to “Where is the security checkpoint?” Make sure to remove any metal objects from your person and place them in the designated bins before going through the checkpoint.

Example 3: Boarding Your Flight

You have gone through the security checkpoint and need to find your gate. You can ask:

どこが私のゲートですか? (Doko ga watashi no geeto desu ka?)

This translates to “Where is my gate?” You can also look for the information board displaying your flight number and gate location. Remember to arrive at your gate at least 30 minutes before your departure time.

By using these practical examples, you’ll be able to navigate through airports with ease and confidence. Keep in mind that speaking a few Japanese phrases will go a long way in breaking the ice and making connections with locals. Happy travels!


Q: How do you say “airport” in Japanese?

A: The word for “airport” in Japanese is “kūkō” (空港). It is pronounced as “koo-koh.”

Q: Can you provide the Japanese translation for “airport”?

A: In Japanese, the translation for “airport” is “kūkō” (空港).

Q: What are some common airport terms in Japanese?

A: Some common airport terms in Japanese include “chekku-in” (チェックイン) for check-in, “anzen” (安全) for security, and “teikitei” (定期便) for scheduled flights.

Q: How can I use the Japanese airport vocabulary in practical situations?

A: You can use the Japanese airport vocabulary to navigate through airports, communicate with airport staff, book flights, and ask for information or directions.

Q: Do I need to learn Japanese to travel to Japan?

A: While it is not mandatory to learn Japanese to travel to Japan, knowing some basic Japanese phrases and vocabulary can greatly enhance your travel experience and make communication easier.

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