Understanding the Word ‘Camera in Japanese’: A Cultural Insight

Cameras have become an indispensable part of our lives, capturing our memories in the form of photographs and videos. If you’re interested in cameras and the Japanese culture, you may have wondered how to say “camera” in Japanese or what the Japanese word for camera is. In this article, we’ll explore camera-related terms, translations, and vocabulary in the Japanese language, so you can deepen your knowledge of Japanese camera culture and even impress your Japanese friends with your camera-related conversational skills.

First, let’s start with the basics. In Japanese, the word for camera is “カメラ” (kamera). Similar to English, the word is spelled out using the two katakana characters “ka” (カ) and “me” (メ), followed by the hiragana character “ra” (ラ).

However, there is more to cameras in Japanese culture than just the word for them. In the following sections, we’ll dive deeper into the specific terms, vocabulary, and cultural significance of cameras in Japan, providing you with a well-rounded understanding of this fascinating topic. You’ll learn not only how to say “camera” in Japanese but also how to talk about lenses, shutters, apertures, and other essential camera-related terms. We’ll also discuss the unique features of Japanese cameras and provide some reviews of noteworthy models.

So, whether you’re a camera enthusiast, a Japanese language learner, or simply curious about Japanese culture, read on to discover the fascinating world of cameras in Japan.

The Japanese Word for Camera

The word for “camera” in Japanese is カメラ (kamera). This word consists of two katakana characters that represent the sounds “ka” and “me” followed by a hiragana character that represents the sound “ra”.

When pronouncing カメラ, make sure to stress the second syllable (“me”) and keep the vowels short. Try to avoid prolonging the “a” sound in the first syllable.

It’s worth noting that カメラ is not a native Japanese word but a loanword from English. As such, it is written in katakana rather than kanji, which are the characters used for most Japanese words. This is because katakana is typically used for foreign words and loanwords.

The Japanese Word for Camera in Kanji

While カメラ is the most common way to write “camera” in Japanese, it is also possible to write it using kanji characters. The most common kanji characters for “camera” are:

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Kanji Reading
写真機 しゃしんき (shashinki)
撮影機 さつえいき (satsueiki)

While these kanji characters are not as commonly used as カメラ, it may be useful to know them if you come across them in Japanese texts or advertisements.

Camera Terms and Vocabulary in Japanese

Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, understanding the basic camera terms and vocabulary in Japanese can be incredibly useful when navigating photography-related conversations in Japan. Here we’ve compiled a list of common camera vocabulary with translations and pronunciations to help you build your language skills:

English Japanese Pronunciation
Camera カメラ Kamera
Lens レンズ Renzu
Shutter シャッター Shattaa
Aperture 絞り Shirushi
Exposure 露出 Roshutsu
Focus フォーカス Fookasu
Flash フラッシュ Furasshu

These are just a few of the many camera-related terms and vocabulary words you may encounter when discussing photography in Japanese. Learning these basic terms can help you communicate more effectively with Japanese speakers and gain a deeper understanding of Japanese photography culture.

Cultural Significance of Cameras in Japan

Cameras have played a significant role in Japanese culture for decades. Japan is known for being a world leader in camera manufacturing, producing some of the most innovative and sought-after models on the market.

The history of cameras in Japan dates back to the early 1900s, when companies like Canon and Nikon began producing high-quality cameras that quickly gained popularity across the world. Today, Japanese camera brands like Fujifilm and Sony continue to push the boundaries of technology and design, producing cameras that are popular with both amateur and professional photographers alike.

Popular Japanese Camera Brands and Models

Brand Notable Models
Canon EOS R5, EOS-1D X Mark III, PowerShot G7 X Mark III
Nikon Z 7II, D850, COOLPIX P1000
Fujifilm X-T4, X-Pro3, GFX 100
Sony Alpha 7R IV, Alpha 9 II, RX100 VII

Japanese cameras are known for their sharpness, clarity, and innovative features. Many photographers also appreciate the attention to detail in Japanese camera design, which often incorporates elements of traditional Japanese aesthetics.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Japanese camera, it can be helpful to read Japanese camera reviews to get a sense of which models are the most popular and well-regarded. Additionally, some Japanese camera brands may offer features or technology that is unique to the Japanese market, so it’s worth doing your research before making a purchase.

How to Say Camera in Japanese: A Practical Guide

Now that you have a better understanding of the word “camera” in Japanese and the related vocabulary, it’s time to learn how to use these terms in practical situations.

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Asking for a Camera in Japanese

If you’re in Japan and need to ask for a camera in a store, you can use the following phrases:

  • Kamera o kudasai – Please give me a camera
  • Kamera o misete kudasai – Please show me a camera

Talking About Photography in Japanese

If you’re having a conversation with a Japanese friend about your shared passion for photography, you can use these phrases:

  • Shashin o torimasu ka? – Would you like to take a photo?
  • Konshuu no shuumatsu ni kamera o motte ikimashou – Let’s bring our cameras this weekend.

Ordering Camera Equipment Online

When ordering camera equipment online, it’s helpful to know these phrases:

  • Watashi wa kamera no akusesarii ga hitsuyou desu – I need camera accessories.
  • Kore wa kamera no tokei desu ka? – Is this a camera lens?

With these phrases, you’ll be able to confidently communicate about cameras in Japanese. Practice them and you’ll be on your way to becoming a fluent speaker!


Q: What is the Japanese word for camera?

A: The word for camera in Japanese is “kamera” (カメラ).

Q: What are some common camera terms and vocabulary in Japanese?

A: Here are some common camera terms in Japanese:
– Lens: レンズ (renzu)
– Shutter: シャッター (shattaa)
– Aperture: 絞り (shibori)
– Exposure: 曝光 (bakko)
– Focus: フォーカス (fookasu)
– Zoom: ズーム (zuumu)
– Flash: フラッシュ (furasshu)

Q: What is the cultural significance of cameras in Japan?

A: Cameras hold significant cultural importance in Japan due to the country’s rich history in photography and technological advancements. Japanese cameras are known for their high quality and precision. Popular Japanese camera brands include Canon, Nikon, and Sony.

Q: How do you say “camera” in Japanese?

A: To say “camera” in Japanese, use the word “kamera” (カメラ).

Q: Can you provide some useful phrases for discussing cameras in Japanese?

A: Here are a few useful phrases:
– I want to buy a camera: カメラを買いたいです。(Kamera o kaitai desu.)
– What is the best camera brand?: 最高のカメラブランドは何ですか?(Saikou no kamera burando wa nan desu ka?)
– How much does this camera cost?: このカメラはいくらですか?(Kono kamera wa ikura desu ka?)

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